Farm Horses

Discover the official ZCore Network (ZCN) NFTs that give you access to ZCoreClub, the first blockchain club with a DeFi card, special passive income products, events, raffle and other advantages.

Whitelist Signup until June 28th
Whitelist Sell on June 29th and 30th
Public Sale on July 1st
NFTs Reveal after total sale





ZCore Farm Horses is the official collection of NFTs from the ZCore Network (ZCN) compost of 10,000 digital artworks with unique characteristics: 20 legendary NFTs* and thousands with many accessories in many categories and different levels of rarity , which will guarantee advantages, whether in income, raffles, in the power of governance votes (DAO) and in many actions of the club.

Besides being collectibles, the NFTs work as a passport to ZCoreClub, an exclusive group with very limited members.

Go ahead and guarantee a place in the first blockchain club.

* The first 5 NFTs minted are from the project team.




















Passport to the ZCoreClub

Holders of an NFT Farm Horses automatically become members of the ZCoreClub, a ZCore perks club.
Starter benefits: Exclusive pool on BNB Chain to earn passive income with your NFT, ZCore Finance Card Gold for legendary NFT holders and invitation to launch ZCore Network (ZCN) in São Paulo (Brazil).

The biggest token burn in history

The trading of NFTs has the potential to burn millions of existing ZEFIs, in the biggest supply reduction in history - the project intends to withdraw most of the ZEFIs currently in circulation from the market.

50% of all Farm Horses sales will go towards burning ZEFI - whether the NFTs are bought in ZEFI, ETH, other tokens, or even in reais. The other 50% is left to pay the minting fees, as well as the production of material for the NFT and the club.

After the NFT is mined and revealed, the amount allocated to [Creator Earnings] through the sale of NFTs on OpenSea will be 100% used to buy and burn ZCR on the new ZCore network.

Available wherever the user is

Initially issued on the Ethereum network, the NFTs will be made available later on the ZCore Network blockchain - the tokens already minted can be transferred via bridge and can be traded on marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible and the marketplace that will debut on the new network.

Exclusive Priority and Benefits

Early access to presales, token boosts, discounts, rare items, new releases, new collections, airdrops and perks on many ZCore blockchain features.

More voice in the blockchain community

Help decide the direction of the ZCore Network (ZCN) by participating in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), using the NFT rarity level as governance voting power - coming soon.



Earn passive income by staking your NFTs.
Add super powers and lots of income with the Farm Horses collection.
Mint your NFT right now!

Rank ID APR Score Owner
Rank ID APR Score Owner

The NFT Staking pool was used the "ranking score" developed in-house by ZCore Team until minting the entire collection of 10,000 NFTs. Once the entire collection is minted, we will migrate to using the "ranking score" developed by Rarity Sniper, the largest discovery and rarities platform in the world, responsible for manually certifying the ranking of each NFT, and used by large collections such as BORED APE YACHT CLUB , MUTANTE APE YACHT CLUB, CRYPTOPUNKS, MOONBIRDS, DOODLES, CLONE X and etc...
We are doing this so that anyone who mints an NFT at any time will be able to join Staking after minting and earn rewards. Something that couldn't currently be done with Rarity Sniper without mint to the entire collection.
See in Rarity Sniper
The 4 legendary NFTs previously owned by the team are now being randomly distributed among holders. (click here)



  • ZCoreClub Launch
  • Roadmap Launch
  • Registration in the Whitelist
  • Pre-order for the Whitelist:
    1,000 NFTs - Price: 2,000 ZEFI
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Campaigns with Influencers
  • Listing on NFT Websites
  • Public Sale Start:
    9,000 NFTs - Price 3,000 ZEFI
  • Collection Reveal at OpenSea
  • Collection Rarity Ranking
  • Viewing NFTs in the ZCore Finance app
  • Rarity Analysis Panel
  • Official launch of the ZCore Network (ZCN)
  • Bridge NFT for new ZCore blockchain
  • Opening Office São Paulo
  • ZCore network marketplace listing
  • Club Governance through voting
  • 1st Club Meeting
  • New roadmap update



How to buy an NFT Farm Horses and join ZCoreClub?

Step 1

- Buy with ETH, ZEFI, ZBO, WZCR or other token from the BNB network: Connect your wallet to our exclusive dApp.

Step 2

Buy as many units as you want. You will receive a mystery box, and the items will only be revealed after the end of the sale of the entire collection.

Step 3

Once your NFT is revealed, get access to a full analysis tool and check the item's rarity to see which ZCore Club benefits you can access right away.

Step 4

Enjoy member-only perks: DeFi credit card, cashback, events, sweepstakes, farms, pools and more.

How much does an NFT Farm Horses cost?

The NFTs from the ZCore Farm Horses collection are priced ZEFI-indexed and the value varies according to demand. Check the price in real time. (Values are discounted until the end of minting for the whitelist)

Price (ZEFI via BSC)

6.000 ZEFI

Price (ETH via Ethereum)

0.030 ETH + gas

Price (tokens via BNB)


BRL (R$)




We are entrepreneurs and programmers passionate about crypto, blockchain, Web3, NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse and Decentralization.

Erick Costa
Otávio Lima
Edson Ribeiro
Ozéias Pereira





What are NFTs?

From the abbreviation of the English expression “non-fungible token”, NFT is a digital crypto-asset generated directly on the blockchain, which has unique characteristics, and therefore cannot be confused with another crypto-asset. For this reason, they work as a kind of new generation digital certificate, which can be used to verify ownership of any item, whether digital or real (with digital representation). Although NFTs have become well known in the digital arts, they can also be used for audio, video, domains, concert tickets and game collectibles, among other applications.

How do I buy NFTs?

The purchase of NFT is made by the minting process through the Official ZCore dApp (with ZEFI, WZCR, ZBO or ETH). After the mint is finished, the purchase can be made through popular platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible (with ETH) and in the marketplace that will be launched on the ZCore Network (ZCN).

How are NFTs generated?

The NFTs are generated in mystery boxes in a completely random and 100% automated process, without human intervention, through by smart contracts.

When will the NFTs be revealed?

The purchased NFTs will be revealed to the buyer only at the end of the full collection sale - until then, the user will only see the mystery box. After the reveal, it is possible to discover the look of the acquired art and its level of rarity, as well as start the commercialization on Opensea.

Why to buy this NFT?

The Farm Horses collection NFTs are the first in Brazil to grant access to an exclusive club with benefits that will extend from events to financial products inaccessible to the general public. In addition, whoever arrives first, and secures their NFT still in the pre-sale phase, will take advantage of the special offer price, which will double in value already in the sale phase.

Why was NFT created on the Ethereum network?

Because it is the largest support network for NFTs, the most consolidated, and therefore, the one that attracts the largest number of investors who buy NFTs. The collection will be listed on consolidated marketplaces with auction functionality. In addition to being able to link NFT to the profile of twitter and other networks. At the launch of ZCore Network, a bridge will be provided to have your NFT on multiple blockchains.

What are the benefits of being part of the club?

The ZCore team plans a series of benefits that will only be available to NFT Farm Horses holders, such as turbocharged cashback, pools with higher APY and the ZCore Finance Card Gold for free, which has advantages normally available only to those who invest at least R $100k in the purchase and specific staking of ZeFi tokens, from the ZCore Finance platform.

Can I sell NFT after I bought it?

Yes. NFTs may be traded in the secondary market on the Ethereum and ZCore Networks at any time. To ensure that the passive income pool is exclusive to holders, staking is renewed every 30 days.

Who is behind the project?

The ZCore Farm Horses collection and ZCoreClub are developed by ZCore, the largest Brazilian blockchain and crypto project composed as a team with a reputation in the market and active since 2018. We are entrepreneurs and programmers passionate about crypto, blockchain, Web3, NFTs, DeFi, metaverse and decentralization.

What is the format and address of the Smart Contract?

The Farm Horses collection NFTs are built on the ERC 721A standard (learn more), a gas-efficient smart contract (network fee). Even when lying 10 NFTs, the cost is only one unit. All data described on the official website can be publicly checked at the project's smart contract address: 0x9c9004de368b1968c953a5022271de80310489e4 - (click to view on Etherscan).